If your goal is to be more sustainably and consciously, then our team is your team! We want to surprise you with the beauty of recycled plastic, we want to work with you and take your requirements into account.

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KUNST-S is a Design Studio based in the Netherlands. Our Mission is to show to the outside world - but also within the plastics industry - the beauty of plastic waste. Our products will raise questions and trigger conversations. The ambition of a circular economy does not only have to be necessary and businesslike, above all we want to show not only the beauty of the thought but also the beauty of this material!


Lisanne Kamphuis (founder KUNST-S) started developing a unique processing technique in her graduation year. Out of curiosity about how things work a unique process has been created during a period of time. Because of this process, KUNST-S can deliver you a piece of design that will exceed your expectations of this material, the true hidden beauty of plastic waste, merged with today’s modern design! KUNST-S gives used plastics qualities that are similar to high-quality classic materials such as stone, marble, and ceramics. 

Our team of product designers, image creators, and creative minds have worked hard to show you the hidden beauty of used plastic that we have always been seeing. By seeing the smallest visual details in this used plastic, we have created our own production process to give this waste visual properties that are close to other high-quality materials such as stone, marble, and ceramics. With the bigger goal. Added value to the plastic waste stream!

Our team isn’t afraid of a little perspiration to create something we’re all proud of. We’re happy when you are happy. We see you as our creative partner and want to work with you to make together a great sustainable product to make your environment a little more beautiful and sustainable!

Hardenberg, The Netherlands 



We are KUNST-S, a a close-knit team of product designers, image creators and creative minds that love to learn, collaborate and create.


From my childhood, my interest in plastics, sparked by my father, has finally led to the start of our company KUNST-S.

My father, who has been working in the plastics industry for more than 30 years, took me to factories and exhibitions at an early age.
As a child, I was amazed at the seemingly unlimited possibilities of plastics.

Growing up in this industrial environment I was constantly surrounded by this material, which always caught my attention. I fantasized at a very early age about shapes and applications for this plastic waste stream. My goal is to show the outside world but also within the plastics industry the beauty of plastic waste that I have always seen! 

In my years of study, I developed a unique production process that brings the beauty of recycled plastic to life in a beautiful way! this was the start of our company KUNST-S.

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Founder & Creative director Lisanne Kamphuis

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Starting as an intern some 7 years ago Lisanne walked into our business and our lives and never left. From day one she expressed an extraordinary ambition and drive to achieve the ultimate. She does something perfect, or not...

Lisanne kept working at our company besides her studies; Environmental styling and product designer.

In our daily creative work, she is an indispensable colleague.

We were involved at the very beginning of her company Kunst-s and are committed to staying on board.

During the years I recognized that we connect on a special creative level and inspire each other. Kunst-s and her approach to the market in a very creative visual way links totally to our vision on visual marketing.

We are proud to help Lisanne with high-standard photography and video.

Our brainstorm sessions are very inspiring to us both and bring our both companies to the next level.


Business partner - Content creator Niek Erents



KUNST-S is a start-up managed by creative, motivated - work a holics. KUNST-S is a start-up that operates in a dynamic branch. Sustainability and design are of high importance to us. Currently there is room for expansion in our team. We are looking for someone talented and highly motivated who thinks it is a fantastic challenge to make big steps in product/process development together with us.

If you would like to take the next step in your creative career, email your portfolio and CV to info@kunst-s or explore the below available positions.

Intern K&R (art en economie)
Intern industrial design

Intern - you?!



KUNST-S provides a platform for our collaborative sustainable design partners. Fuelled by a close working relation with our partners, this approach transforms our social-centered insights into sustainable design stories that resonate with people and their lifestyles.

At KUNST-S we see the importance of strong collaborations like a KEY. We believe that different industries can learn a lot from each other and are able to connect with each other. Our partners support us with various facets: from raw materials, technical support, financial support to a push in the right direction.

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